Stitch Saver
This is a Stitch Saver
(not marker). 
Drop a stitch? No problem!
Adorned with a sweet little bead, making for an elegant looking tool for those 'delicate' moments when you swear like a sailor. Pick up those darling little dropped purls (or knits) in a minute.  Yours will look similar to  this, though the bead may be different.  The hook is a size C, perfect for sock or other fine yarn projects.

Robin's Nest
Robin's Nest
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Got Lace? Got Mythical Lace? 

The club is officially on Summer Break!  Check back in the fall for new sign-up dates.

Let's mix things up a bit!  We've covered some of the classic Greek Mythology characters, but what about the rest of the world's mythology?  What about Norse Mythology?  Egyptian?  There are so many wonderful stories and characters out there, I'd like to expand this club to include the Mythology of the world. 


The stories of Aphrodite, Poseidon and Medusa were turned into lace yarn in the 1st Greek Mythology Lace Club. Who will be next?

With 1400 yards of lace and beads, we explored the colors that these 3 Mythological characters brought to mind. A pattern written for each colorway is included.

3 months, 3 mythical packages. Each package contains:

  • 1400 yards 'Skinny Ewe' lace yarn, a 50/50 blend of silk & wool, hand dyed.

  • matching beads or stitch markers
  • write up about that months' god, goddess, monster or hero.
  • pattern written expressly for that month's colorway and story..

    Want it in Roving instead?
    • 12 oz per month superwash BFL roving
    • matching beads or stitch markers
    • greek god/goddess/personage write-up
    • pattern for 1400yds lace project
    Month to Month Subscription - Roving (3 months)

    Did you miss out on Apollo?

    Sun in Glory

    Sorry you missed Artemis?



    Didn't get to visit Athena's Acropolis?

    Acropolis Acropolis